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Why Microsoft hasn’t gotten Xbox One into the hearts of gamers

You can play a console through multiple Xbox Ones.
Believe it or not, Microsoft’s next-gen console Xbox One is not even near where it was supposed to be in terms of popularity and demand, and only Microsoft is to blame for this. It’s been a month, and while competition’s console seems to be out of stock about anywhere, Xbox One is still available in most stores worldwide and the demand/sales seems to be lower than expected. Why? Because Microsoft made some mistakes PR-wise that ruined Xbox One’s potential.

The first mistake we will be talking about it’s the “first” Xbox One Microsoft wanted to launch. The console featured an always-on policy and DRM that made a lot of people angry.

Always-on meant that the console was able to play games only if it was connected to the internet at least once in a 24-hour time frame, making the console unable to use in a home without internet connection.

DRM was even worse than the always-on “feature”, as the system also known as Digital Rights Management tried to completely stop the whole second-hand market – meaning that you could use a game only on one console without the possibility of selling the game afterwards.

Not only that DRM was a conflict of interests for big retailers like Gamestop, which base most of their sales on second hand games, but it also was a real concern for those who can’t afford to buy new games and keep them forever.

Even after the two awful so-called “features” were taken out of the console, gamers remembered (and will continue to remember) Microsoft’s pathetic attempt at their wallets.

The second big mistake that the company made was releasing mean official statements when people started complaining about the two systems we’ve talked earlier.

When asked what gamers without an reliable or permanent internet connection can do about the always-on policy included in the Xbox One, former President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Don Mattrick, said that Microsoft has another console for those types of guys and it’s the Xbox 360. Not only that his statement was truly mean, he also attracted a lot of hate on him due to his stupid “solution” to a real concern.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson also made a mistake in a interview took by Youtuber Angry Joe. He stated in the interview that Xbox One’s mindless DRM and always-on policies could not be removed as “easy” as Joe thought. More than that he asked Joe if he’s on the development team to assume such incredible things. A few days later, both DRM and always-on were gone revealing Major Nelson’s lies.

A third mistake in Microsoft’s portfolio was selling Xbox One only with Kinect. Not only that it raised the price of the console with over $100 compared with the competition, but it also forced us to buy an unwanted product.
Well, we can’t deny the fact that if everybody has a Kinect will maybe attract some companies to develop some good Kinect-based games but until that happens, Kinect is somehow useless.

The bad PR and publicity brought Xbox One right were it is today. We strongly believe that if Microsoft played this card better, the console could have way better sales than now. So, in conclusion, Microsoft brought more bad publicity to their console rather than positive.



  • nice January 3, 2014 at 1:34 PM

    I honestly think the console would of been way better if they didn’t change anything.everyone complains about DRM but everyone praises Steam which uses DRM on all of its game. Gamer are so confused about thing they say it’s ridiculous I just wish the vocal minor shut up and let these companies do there jobs they why the want and not the community Because that big reversal hurt the devs and Microsoft the most that why most of the launch title were underpar, why party is so messed up on the Xbox one

  • Hell January 3, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    Can you be any more biased and mis-informed in this article? seriously… forced to purchase a kinect… unwanted?? who forced you? Awful features?? how about the great features we lost?? Family Share… Disc-less play…. Gamestop is a disease to the industry… if you cannot afford a hobby… find a new one… BTW.. did you know before reversal… we COULD sell used games back to a retailer.. we COULD sell games to a friend…. M Nelson did not lie…pulling all those features was not as easy as turning a switch off… look at the sacrifices that had to be made because of it… the disc less… the chance of lower priced digital games..the family share… who knows what else was lost… all because someone on the Internet complained about having to be on the Internet… ohhhhhhh The IRONY

  • Metoo January 3, 2014 at 2:19 PM

    2.4 million people would disagree.

  • Scoooba January 6, 2014 at 4:11 AM

    Just wait until Titanfall releases. Think it might sell a Xbone or two…

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