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access_time January 3, 2014 at 9:58 AM in Nintendo by Justin Weinblatt

The Wii U Is Now Available On The Playstation Vita


To be honest, I don’t know whether this is worth an article, but I was amused, and hopefully you will be too.  I was sifting through VGReleases.com hoping to get some information for an article, when I noticed a lot of strange entries.  Games like Scribblenauts Unlimited were listed for the Vita, despite never having come out for the Vita, and some games that were released were missing.  But the most amusing foible on the website was that they had a listing of a game called “Wii U” for Playstation Vita.  To quote the website “Wii U on PS-Vita was released on Sunday 18 November 2012. You can now play Wii U on your PS-Vita in the USA.”  You can check out the full listing for Wii U on Vita at VGReleases.com.

Well, I suppose Nintendo has finally gone third party and has somehow managed to convert their new hardware into software.  Good to see that Sony and Nintendo’s differences are behind them.


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