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Classic Fallout games pulled from online stores

by on January 3, 2014
Classic Fallouts pulled from online stores.

Classic Fallouts pulled from online stores.

Those who knew about (and hopefully took advantage of) the free deal from GOG last month were probably expecting this to happen eventually, but the three classic Fallout games, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics were removed from online stores.

For those wondering what, exactly happened, and why they were pulled, we have to look into the past. A few years ago, Bethesda and Interplay (the latter were the publishers of all Fallout games before 2008) got into a legal battle. At the end, Bethesda was awarded full control over the franchise, though Interplay was allowed to continue selling the first three games until December 31, 2013.

With the date passed, it should be no real surprise that the games were pulled from GOG and Steam. The good news is that they may not be gone from Steam for long, as Bethesda has stated yesterday via Twitter that they are working on getting the three games back up on Steam.   They were asked about returning the games to GOG, but merely replied that their current priority is to get them back on Steam.

Will the classic games return to GOG? When will they return to Steam?


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