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PlayStation Plus versus Xbox Live Gold (Instant Game Collection/ Games with Gold)

Everyone who owns either an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3/4 should know about PlayStation Plus or Games with Gold services. Both of them are included as a plus in the monthly subscription fee that Microsoft and Sony implemented a while ago for the ability of playing multiplayer modes on your console.

If you don’t know anything about them, but you are already paying for Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus you will be glad to read this article. Sony was the first company that implemented this feature a few years ago, while Microsoft has just introduced themselves to this kind of market.

Instant Game Collection was announced by PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton back in 2010, and it would offer every member of PlayStation Plus a collection of 12 digital games. Every month a bunch of new games are introduced to the collection, while a few are taken out.

The service is available for almost all Sony platforms, including: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita.

Microsoft’s service Games with Gold has been announced and launched at E3 2013 as a limited-time program that is still available. The program gives two free games a month for every Xbox 360 user that pays for a Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The service is available only on Xbox 360, while Microsoft made a promise to extend it to the next-gen console Xbox One in 2014.
We now know a bit about every single service, but which one is better?

Games: PlayStation Plus (Instant Game Collection) clearly wins this fight, as the service has offered over 64 amazing titles, including both indie and triple A titles. While Microsoft only offered a few older games (like Gears of War) that almost every single Xbox 360 owner has played. They’ve also given a few not so important indie games.

Availability: The games included in the Instant Game Collection (PS Plus) are only available to customers while their subscription is active, while Games with Gold are “yours to keep” forever, even if you currently have a Silver (free) membership on Xbox Live. This means that Microsoft has a slight advantage, but Sony kinda compensates for it with the huge amount of games they offer montly.

Price: When it comes to pricing, a Xbox Live Gold membership will run you $59.99 for a whole year, while PlayStation Plus will only be $49.99 for the same amount of time. Bear in mind that this amount will also grant you access to different other services including multiplayer and we can’t really make a comparation.

Conclusion: PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection has certainly more games to offer for a slightly reduced price. The only gap in their system is that the games are available only if your subscription is active, unlike Games with Gold that are always available no matter of what your subscription status is.

Both services are adding a great value to the monthly subscription, giving customers a strong new reason to go and buy a whole 12-months membership. We’d also love to hear your take on this and which service you prefer.


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