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Buy or Sell: Wii U, Next-Gen, Oculus Rift, Arcades


With 2013 about to be in our rear-view mirrors, we thought it was high time to bring back Buy or Sell, which we’ve had on hiatus for a few weeks.  So we’ve brought on Ryan Bates and Sean Garmer to share their thoughts on a number of topics, ranging from the arcades, Oculus rift, the Wii U and more.  So let’s get right to it!



1. Sales of the Wii U will continue to be mediocre until Super Smash Bros. gets released.

Ryan Bates:SELL. I guess it really depends on where you set the bar for mediocrity, but let’s look at recent developments. We at GotGame gave Super Mario 3D World 4.8 out of 5 stars, and pretty much every critic is following suit. Thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct, the games people are talking about aren’t being found on the PS4 or Xbox One. People are talking about Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, and Rosalina being in SSBU. Even DKC: Tropical Freeze is getting some buzz. Now of course, when it comes out and I start my reign of GotGame Domination with my homegirls Peach and Zelda, Wii Us will be flying off the shelves faster than Ramon’s orders of hotcakes, but don’t be misled. I think we shall see Wii U sales steadily ramp up to that point in anticipation.

(PS: Hey Reggie… a little Zelda U wouldn’t hurt things either. Thanks for biffing it at the VGX thing.)

Sean Garmer: BUY. Nintendo chose to release two of their heaviest hitting games right in the middle of the holiday season, which would always be a good idea, except that two new consoles also launched around the same time and since the Wii U is not anywhere near comparable to those two behemoths people didn’t jump for the alternative. I’m sure Mario 3D sold a fair share of his consoles, but even Nintendo knows it’s great hope lies with Super Smash Bros. The multiplayer aspect alone can get gamers to buy a Wii U just for that game. Whereas with Mario you sort of know what you are getting, Super Smash Bros always delivers and is fun for everyone. I don’t know a soul out there that doesn’t enjoy that game.

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2. You feel like given the price tag and the similar third party titles, the PS4 is a better value over the Xbox One.

Ryan Bates: BUY. Literally… I’d buy the PS4 right now. Save for Dead Rising 3, there’s nothing out there that compels me not to save $100. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, PS4 will have Murdered: Soul Suspect, Thief, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy XV. Xbro has yet to serve me up something that juicy that I want to book a reservation at their restaurant for. (Man, I must be hungry.)

Sean Garmer:  BUY (At Face Value.) I’m guessing we are not going off of what’s only available right now and instead looking at the big picture. Overall, with the lower price tag if you are solely a gamer that only cares about video games the PS4 is the console to buy. Why spend $100 on another console where you will probably never want to use all of its features? However,  I on the other hand, and I know I’m not the only person out there that feels like this, have always been a fan of the Kinect, I’m intrigued by having the switching mechanic between watching TV, playing a game, watching a movie, snapping to Skype, and so forth. I do like many of Sony’s exclusives, but with my two main interests Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy game headed to Xbox One as well, I feel like the extra $100 is worth it and hope to be able to purchase an Xbox One soon.

The PS4 might save you money, but value is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t think it is fair to determine value based on $100 when both systems are pretty much going to have the same games, graphics, and gaming capabilities. It all depends on how much you like the extra stuff each system does.


3. With the next-generation finally in full swing, next year’s E3 may be the most incredible one to date.

Ryan Bates: SELL. Every E3 is exceptionally epic. (Sally sells seashells by the seashore. Rubber baby buggy bumpers.) But while last year had a lot to do with us finally seeing and getting our hands on the eighth-gen, now it’s time to find out what we can DO with them, and that means – pay attention, Microsoft, you chunked this once – games, games, and more games. So while E3’14 will be assuredly badass, let’s see what the big three and all those devs have to offer first.

Sean Garmer: BUY. Without a doubt, E3 2014 looks to be the biggest E3 ever. I’d expect we will hear about a ton of games ready to be shown off for the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo has its hands full wondering how they can keep the Wii U a float, while also continuing to churn out amazing titles for the 3DS. This is going to be an exciting E3 and I can’t wait to see what the developers have in store for us.


4. Oculus Rift will have a better fate than the Virtual Boy.

Ryan Bates: BUY. Not that that’s hard to do. The numbers game alone will be in Oculus Rift’s favor. But when “virtual reality” showed up in the Virtual Boy, it was barely born. All the games were in a garish red and black scheme, and had that stupid tripod thing… ugh. I even hate writing about Virtual Boy. Oculus Rift obviously has the luxury of more sophisticated technology and graphics. I don’t think it will fly off the shelves, but it should have no problem surpassing the number of units Virtual Boy moved.

Which is approximately 9.

Sean Garmer: BUY. Simply because it can be used as a game development device and it is not a one off console, means it will have a better fate. The Oculus Rift is staying with the PC for the foreseeable future and will continue to make great developments for gaming and beyond for a long time. The virtual boy was a console brought out by Nintendo that had too many bad things going for it.


5. In hindsight, you think it was the right move from Microsoft to stay away from getting into the handheld market.

Ryan Bates: BUY. It was smart for Microsoft to stay out of handheld. Then Xbox Smartglass came out and screwed that all up. Kidding aside, since the advent of the original Game Boy, there has not been a video game generation where the handheld market wasn’t dominated by Nintendo. Not Game Gear, not PSP, nuffin’. Anyone who challenges Nintendo is welcome to do so, but at this point in the game is playing for the silver medal.

Microsoft could go up against Sony’s handheld, making a minor comeback, or it could focus on its strengths – first person shooters, sports games, big, powerful graphics, attempting hostile takeovers of living rooms around the world, and astoundingly-horrible public relations campaigns. Staying out of handhelds was a wise choice by the Green Machine. (Keyword: was. Stupid Smartglass.)

Sean Garmer: BUY. As Daniel Bryan would say, YES! YES! YES!  Sony can compete to a certain extent because it tries to go for a different market than Nintendo does. Plus, Sony also has a hold in the Japanese market where portable gaming is at its height. Microsoft could care less about Japan and they make no bones about saying that. Just look at the Zune and that should tell you all you need to know. I just don’t think a Microsoft portable system would have ever become profitable. Even with Sony doing the Remote Play stuff, they would not have survived in the handheld market with the support of Japan.


6. You miss playing in the arcades.

Ryan Bates: BUY. Of course. Duh. This shouldn’t even be a question. If you don’t like The Simpsons beat-’em-up, we can’t be friends.

Sean Garmer: SELL. Going a few times a year to Dave & Busters is enough for me. I would much rather be able to game on the go or play games on my couch. The arcade is fun with a few friends, but with home consoles being around I think arcades have lost their luster. Mainly because when arcades were big it was because there was no other gaming experience comparable to it.


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