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Lara Croft: Reflections announced for iOS

by on December 23, 2013


Square Enix announced an iOS exclusive social card game based on Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) franchise. The game will feature mysterious lost worlds, valuable artifacts that can be collected, epic battles with brand new weapons.

Entitled Lara Croft: Reflection, the game can only be a nice addition to the world of Tomb Raider and it might be one of the first games of the series available for mobile devices. While there’s no release date known at this moment you can check out the full feature list below:

  • Challenging Quests – Explore mysterious lands and battle powerful foes!
  • Insane Card Battles – Collect powerful weapons to attack enemies and other players in massive real time PvP card battle combat!
  • Weapon Card Battles – Collect and combine weapon cards to level up and evolve new powerful weapon cards!
  • Steal Artifacts – Steal artifacts from other players and protect your artifacts!
  • Live Boss Battle Events – Participate in group battles to defeat powerful event bosses for massive rewards!

Source: AllGamesBeta

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