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access_time December 23, 2013 at 9:22 PM in Mobile by Ramon Aranda

iPhone 5S/5C accessories to consider from Zagg

With Christmas finally here, and with many looking for gifts, or perhaps for those who get an iPhone 5S, Zagg has a nice slate of products that are worth a look, ranging from cases, to battery back-up.

We’ve had the chance to play around with a few of these and we liked what we saw.


First up is the ZAGGsparq 3100 model ($69.99) , which provides 2.1A of lightning quick charge for any USB-charged mobile device. The unit plugs right into an outlet when in need of a charge, while a full charge will charge up your smartphone anywhere from 3 to 4 times before you need to recharge the 3100. You’ll also find a power switch on the back so that you conserve power when it’s not in use. There are also 5 LED lights near the top that gives you an idea of how much power is left.

I recently took this thing on a trip to London for a week, and was really impressed with how well it kept my devices charged up. I was able to recharge my iPad, smartphone, wireless headphones and my family’s phones as well without a hitch and in no-time. For me, this is easily one of the best products Zagg offers as it’s supremely useful regardless of which device you own and can really come in handy when you need it most.

Live Wire

Next up is the the Live Wire iPhone 5C case ($24.99), which comes in a durable design, made of double-molded polycarbonate and is clear, with a few accents around the side and bumps hidden in the neon which helps prevent scratches. In fact I purposely dropped a 5C a few times just to test out its ability to handle shock, and it held up quite well. This makes for a solid case for those who are concerned with drops but don’t want to add much bulk to their 5Cs.


And for those in need of headphones, there are the iFrogz Audio Coda Buds ($22.99), which come in a variety of colors, including lime green, which is the ones I tried out. Having listened to a variety of music, ranging from pop, dance, rock and hip-hop, I actually found these unassuming earbuds provided some pretty good sound quality. Powered by 10mm drivers, the Coda Buds provided a decent amount of bass, while highs seemed bright.

The buds also feature an in-line single-button remote with a built-in mic for using with phone calls. My only issue with these buds was that they wouldn’t stay in place very long, though I did try different sized ear pieces and had better luck, but none were spot on. Outside of that, these buds are pretty good for under $25 and are compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.


Finally there’s the Zagg InvisibleShield, which I’ve used for years now. I through one onto an iPhone 5S, in its HD incarnation (there are also anti-glare, original, extreme and smudge-proof, which range from $14.99-$29.99). The screen protector goes on nicely when you properly use the included liquid and not only looks great, as if nothing was on the phone’s screen, but also lasts. I’ve used InvisibleShields on a variety of phones over the years and have been happy with each one, never having to replace one, though Zagg provides users with a lifetime warranty on each shield, should your phone break, or need replacing.

All in all, there is plenty of options from Zagg for everyone, whether it’s for protection, audio, or battery back-up. The company has a solid track record of impressive accessories and neither of these should be passed up.


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