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GGR 571 Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze & Red Dead Redemption

by on December 18, 2013


Listen up videogamers…its Steve Masters with GotGame! Is there anything better than a donkey kong game? No!..I freeking love Donkey Kong, so you know I’m all psyched for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for Wii U! DK Island is now frozen, and Dixie Kong and Diddy help the big fella get rid of the arctic invaders! Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze hits February 21st 2014.

One of the best Western games of all time… is still… Red Dead Redemption ride horses and kill bad guys for bounty. Red Dead Redemption if you missed this one, pick it up used for 4 bucks… I’m Steve Masters for GotGame..

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