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access_time December 12, 2013 at 11:03 PM in Features by Maggie Wiland

Grand Theft Gender

Recently, I came across this video on a site I frequent. It’s short, so just watch it and then come back to this. It’s ok, I’ll wait.

Done? Ok. First thing’s first. NOBODY CARES IF YOU’RE A FEMALE WHO PLAYS VIDEO GAMES. While media should be gender free-when I was a guy I loved chick flicks, but it’s generally looked down upon if a man loves chick flicks and that’s stupid-the one that really gets away with it because it’s the most anonymous of all the media is video games. You go see a movie in a theater, that’s a public place. You read a book in a doctors office, that’s a public place. Gaming can be done at home. While the other two can as well for the most part, gaming really is the only one done primarily at home, and this is why it can be anonymous, so therefore by putting yourself out there as a person of the female persuasion who also happens to enjoy the video games, all you’re REALLY doing is vying for attention. And then we do this kind of shit.

gamer_girl_s_there_s_a_difference_big And while I understand it can be slightly irritating to be wrongly recognized via stereotypes, you only make matters worse by making things like this. By straining to enforce the fact that you’re NOT one of the girls pretending to like video games for attention, you’re seeking attention by trying to be considered a “real gamer gurl”. Maybe not on purpose, maybe so, I don’t know. When I play games online, my gamertag for my 360 is very genderless and unless someone were to look at my avatar or bio, they’d never know, especially since I don’t use a headset most of the time, and when I do, if they get “shocked” that I’m a girl, I simply move the conversation right along, ignoring their surprise, or faux surprise as some do it purely to get a rise. And I realize people will call me hypocritical: “Oh, but by writing this article you’re vying for attention yourself!”

No. I’m really not. I want this to STOP. THAT’S the purpose here. My gender is non important. I would’ve written this as a man had I not transitioned. I am tired of pretending you’re different simply for attention. In my day (omg, I’m old enough to use that phrase now *shudder*) if you were different, you got BEAT THE HELL UP. Now people strain to be unique! It’s celebrated! And the gamer culture is one of the worst about it. The console wars, the casuals vs hardcores, the gamer gurls, it’s all negative, and it needs to fucking end. I don’t care what system you use, what you play, or what your sex is…what makes you a gamer is IF YOU PLAY VIDEO GAMES. END OF FUCKING STORY. My gender factors into none of my gaming decisions, or media decisions otherwise. I play, read and watch whatever the hell I feel like, and I don’t promote it on facebook or twitter as “omg u guys, i totes <3 breaking bad, it’s so hardcore but i can handle it, imma tough gurl!” or some stupid shit, simply because media is genderless. Our perceptions is what’s wrong. We perceive media to be with a gender. It’s the entire idea behind the Brony fandom. People simply can’t fathom how a show marketed for little girls could gain such a large male fanbase, but it’s because the people who watch it realize that the people in marketing are the ones putting a gender on who they’re marketing it TOWARDS. Let me tell you somethin’, pink is a color, not a gender.

Yes, I’m a girl.

Yes I play video games.

No the two have NOTHING to do with one another, and I don’t particularly care to shout either one from a rooftop. I just want the idea that “gamer gurls” are some sacred magical mythical beasts to end, and for girls to stop using their gender as a way to gain attention in places that boys wouldn’t normally find girls to have interest in. So please, stop it. Thank you.

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  • dirksterdude December 14, 2013 at 1:18 AM

    Partial quote from article: “…I just want the idea that “gamer gurls” are some sacred magical mythical beasts to end,…” — Part of the issue for the male age group that is said to play video games more than any other gurls in general are sacred magical mythical beasts. Finding one that plays video games … all the more sacred and magical. And while I’m no longer in that age group I have the benefit of life experience that essentially tells me women of all ages are sacred and magical and to be respected. It allows me to step back and say the gender of such a gamer doesn’t matter. Not to mention a Mom that would take my game console and whap me upside the head with it if I didn’t believe such a thing.

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