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First round of Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns DLC goes live

by on November 26, 2013
One of three new costumes available as DLC.

One of three new costumes available as DLC.

Today, the first bit of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns went live in Japan. This DLC is a set of 3 costumes, all of which come with their own unique weapons.

These costumes are The Divine World’s Saint Clothing Style, The Final Liberation Clothing Style, and The Moogle Lover Clothing Style. Of the three, the third is perhaps the strangest, as it literally has Lightning dressing up in a bunch of moogles (see above picture).

The individual costumes are priced at 400 Yen apiece (roughtly $4 USD), and the whole set can be bought for 1,000 Yen (roughly $10 USD).

What are your thoughts on these new costumes?

Thanks 4Gamer (via Kotaku)

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