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Magic: The Gathering card sells for over $27,000

by on November 21, 2013

black lotusUp on Ebay, an old Magic: The Gathering card from 1993 recently sold for $27,302.

For those wondering why a trading card would go for that much, the answer is simple. The card was an old Alpha version and was also in nearly perfect condition. Because it is so rare (only about 1100 were printed), the bidding over the card was fierce.

If you happen to have some old Magic cards lying around, you may want to go through and see if you happen to have one worth quite a bit. You may not have a Black Lotus card, as the above seller did, but you may just have something special hidden away.

What do you think of the bidding war that went on for the Alpha Black Lotus?

Source: What Sells Best (via Kotaku)

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