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Angry Birds Star Wars (Wii U) Review


Way back in the Dark Ages of late 2009 a Finnish developer named Rovio Entertainment released a game on Apple’s IOS that would figuratively take over the world. Now, a short four years later the entire socio-economic paradigm of our society has shifted to an almost completely slingshot flung bird based hierarchy.

Ok, so that’s not entirely true, but suffice to say Angry Birds has been a cultural phenomenon. With over 12 million copies of the original Angry Birds sold worldwide (and a reported 2 BILLION downloads of all versions) if you haven’t played Angry Birds at this point and you still managed to use your opposable fingers to manipulate the internet and find a video game based website you are the anomaly that proves the rule. Everyone has played Angry Birds.


And at least in my sphere of influence, everyone has grown tired of Angry Birds.

Which is why I took the chance offered me to play Angry Birds: Star Wars Edition. I had to know, is there a new vein to mine in this franchise, or are we getting more of the same? In short this is my review:

If you are not a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, or you’ve grown tired of the series you can probably skip Angry Birds Star Wars.

If you enjoy the core game play of Angry Birds this game is worth checking out. You’re not going to find anything earth shattering in Angry Birds Star Wars but this game does add some new levels that you’ve never played before, so if you’re in the mood for more Angry Birds, this game will scratch that itch. Plus, there is multiplayer in Angry Birds Star Wars including co-op and a four player competitive mode which does add a level of replay ability to the game.


Finally, if you’re a Star Wars fan, the type of person who simply can’t get enough Star Wars even when it’s being done by anthropomorphic birds that are flung with a sling shot to knock over differently designed constructs, than this game is going to be right up your alley. I actually thought the game paid off on some fun fan service, the level designs are cool if you’re a fan of the game starting with Tatooine and playing through the original trilogy, making some stop offs with old friends including some Boba Fett missions.

Here’s the thing though, you don’t really need me to review this game. I can’t imagine a scenario where someone is coming into the Angry Birds franchise for the first time and doesn’t know anything about Star Wars. If you love Angry Birds, you’re going to enjoy this game. If you love Star Wars, there is enough winks at that thing you love that you’re going to have fun flinging bird Luke Skywalkers at Pig Storm Troopers and you’ll like Angry Birds Star Wars.

It’s tough to recommend an Angry Birds game in 2013, especially a console version that might cost you upwards of $50. If I had to give you one reason to check out this iteration of the iconic franchise though I’d tell you that the special abilities that your birds have are pretty fun to mess around with. Angry Bird Luke Skywalker gets a light saber that can chop through whatever obstacle is in your way, Angry Bird Obi Wan can use the force to push objects over. These little bits of fan service aren’t worth a full priced console game, but if you’re a fan of the franchise they may be enticing enough for you to look into picking this game up.


And ultimately that is the problem I have with Angry Birds Star Wars. It’s not a bad game, per se. It’s not even a bad version of a tried and true trope at this point, because it’s a fun melding of the two different galaxies (from far, far away). The problem is that this just isn’t a complete console experience that I’d feel comfortable telling you to invest in.

Just for laughs I jumped on the App Store on my iPad and found Angry Birds Star Wars available for $2.99. Anyone who would buy the console version of this game when a completely competent version is available for $3 is out of their mind.

Is it a fun version of a game you’ve likely played waiting for every doctor’s appointment you’ve had for the past four years? Yes.

Is it worth a full console price point? No.


  • Ramon Aranda November 22, 2013 at 4:38 AM

    Would be happy to check it out if it was like a $5 eShop title.

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