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access_time November 13, 2013 at 11:11 PM in News by Maggie Wiland

If You Read This Article, You’ve Raped Me



DISCLAIMER: Before I got any further, let me just say that I AM looking into this image and trying to find out if it’s faked or not. This article-at the time that it is written-is written on the belief that this article is real. If I’m proved wrong or I prove myself wrong, I will come back and update this.

UPDATE: No, I googled her. She’s a real person and these are real. Son of a bitch.

Let’s say that I-a 24 year old woman-was at a sandwich shop late one Thursday afternoon. A man behind me didn’t realize I was in line, and so he got in front of me. This pisses me off, so I shout that he raped me, and call him a sexist. This is pretty much what feminism-hardcore, college educated, infatuated because they’re bitches and can’t get men/women to speak to them then blame it on said men/women instead of realizing they themselves are the cause feminists-has become to me. Let me state right off the bat a few things, ok? I don’t go to college. I didn’t go to college. I write for a living, not because it’s a career but because if I don’t, I would go insane. I just need to get my thoughts out on paper. I don’t care for a career, and my main goal in life is to have children and be a good housewife to my future wife. Does this make me a weak, indoctrinated female who’s been subjected to eons of male dominated culture? No. It makes a person who’s capable of seeing that feminism at some point got WAY the fuck off track and was no longer used for actual good but just a way for girlfriends to get back at ex boyfriends if they pissed them off. I’ve seen plenty of Yahoo answer and Facebook screencaps from women who say they’re mad at their ex, and are going to call the police and say he raped them, and they will be believed simply because they are the female victim. I would not do that-even if I considered myself a feminist-because it’d be lying and also I’m not a scumbag.


Now that you hate me, let me get to why this aforementioned article is a piece of shit.

First of all, this isn’t NEWS. Kotaku brands itself as a NEWS site for gamers. Obviously in a sea of content you have to come up with something else when it’s a slow news day and so sure, an editorial or a personal opinions post can be created in order to fill the void, and most of the time it’s more INTERESTING to read those than it is to read actual news article, simply because you’re really seeing a (well, unless they’re paid to do this) unbiased opinion about something. You know, the kind of opinion the gaming world hates now, which is why I’m sure I’ll get a million comments on this calling me a “stupid woman hating bitch who knows nothing about games, make me a sandwich lulz ftw”. My irritation aside, I like those editorials and whatnot. THAT’S WHAT I WRITE. But there IS a difference between writing an editorial-especially on a site like Kotaku which is SPECIFICALLY for gaming-and just USING your editorial to crowbar your beliefs into people even when it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITE IT’S ON. THAT more than anything else is my biggest annoyance with this article. And if you think I’m the only one who feels this way, I just screencapped this from an IGN thread:

Picture 30

I’m a woman, and I’m not even annoyed by the rape part of this as much as I am the journalistic approach that this woman has taken. Obviously, there’s the second half to this which is that it’s fundamentally wrong to write an article like this-NOT because of the site it’s on, but-because you’re a LUNATIC. First of all, let me start this off by using a trait my grandparents taught me; not a lot of people know this trait, it isn’t well taught anymore, it’s called LOGIC, and that goes like this:

Saying killing a girl in an online game is rape is the same as me sending a text to a friend I’m slightly angry at because he likes different Poptarts than I do that says “i wanna stab you” and have it be murder.

Do you understand what I’m getting at here? It’s THAT level of stupid. I’m no feminist, but even I will admit there’s a good amount of  misogyny in the gaming world, especially the hardcore console gaming world. There’s also tons of articles about “fake geek girls” to back up these claims. However, that doesn’t mean you were RAPED. The idea that rape can be anything more than physical is the same mindset that parents use when they talk about sexting being like actual sex. I’m not saying the IDEA of rape or sexting can’t have psychological effects, but it’s downright idiotic to consider them the same thing. Soon we’ll be telling police, “I think that guy is going to kill my family and wear their skin as a suit because his hat is yellow and yellow scares me.” There’s a fine, fine distinct line and I can see us slipping slowly past it. But even in the gaming world, as a woman, you just need to do one thing: IGNORE IT. Remember when as a kid, if you were bullied, your parents told you to just ignore it and they’d find someone else to pick on? Yeah. Same deal. Ignore the misogyny in the online gaming world, don’t show them it gets to you and eventually it’ll just taper off. Obviously it’s also idiotic to think you could stop it completely, but it’s a far better way to deal with it than making men to be an enemy in a virtual space ACROSS THE COUNTRY WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. I’ve had people be rude to me on Halo multiplayer games before. I just stop wearing my headset and if they send me nasty messages, I either look at them and laugh or I just don’t look at them at all. Blaming men for all your personal deep seeded problems is the same as blaming the government because you aren’t qualified enough for the job you really want. I’m a woman, and a lesbian, and I’m all for equal rights and I want women to be respected, but the way you’re going about it isn’t the right way, especially in a virtual online gaming world DOMINATED primarily by men.

There have been other instances of this as well. A few years ago some Counterstrike player didn’t like some other Counterstrike player, so he killed him.

I mean…god. To kill another human being, simply for no reason than a digital game is just mind boggling to me. To claim a man raped you because they killed you in a digital game is just mind boggling to me. I don’t like men-sexually-but even I feel this is just too damn far. And like I said at the start, I’m more annoyed that she’s destroying journalisms credibility by publishing an article on a gaming site that has NOTHING TO DO WITH GAMING. She just wanted to mouth off. But maybe she was just one who slipped through the cracks. Clearly Kotaku is a reputable site, right? Full of decent, intelligent, well written-


…god dammit.

Well, my point ultimately is this.

If you’re that upset that he killed you, maybe the problem isn’t his penis that’s nowhere near you. Maybe it’s your deep psychological issues with your father or SOMETHING. Or, perhaps, you just fucking suck at this game.

That’s really what it is.

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