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30 minutes of Dragon Age III gameplay revealed

New Dragon Age video shows off 30 minutes of straight gameplay.

New Dragon Age video shows off 30 minutes of straight gameplay.

For those of you who were craving more Dragon Age information, we’ve found a video showing off thirty straight minutes of gameplay to whet your appetite.

The above video, which was filmed from the crowd with a handheld camera, shows the Inquisitor as he returns to an area he and the party had originally convinced to join the Inquisition earlier. This decision, unfortunately, had the consequence of making the area (which the presenter states is larger than “all of Dragon Age 2“) a target for their enemies. The people within have called the player and his party back to defend them.

The video shows how BioWare intends to give teh player’s choices some real weight and consequence. He came across a group of soldiers recovering after a battle, and the captain states that the invaders have attacked a town, causing the civilians to take refuge at a nearby fort. The player has three choices. He can make the captain and his men to tend to the wounded, regroup and send forces to the village under siege, or regroup and make one final stand at the keep.

The player determines that the greatest good would be served by rallying at the keep, which earns him criticism from a party member. The presenter states that this will have consequences in the future of the game.

What are your thoughts on the thirty minutes?

Source; Polygon


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