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Third-graders don’t like games tracking what they do

by on November 8, 2013
Kids react to learning that games utilize data mining.

Kids react to learning that games utilize data mining.

You, like many other adults, are probably used to the idea of software and services, such as video games, recording what you do and sending the feedback to the companies that created them. Some third-graders recently found out that many of the games they love have this data mining, however, and they were not happy.

NPR visited a third-grade classroom in Washington, D.C. during  a follow-up to a previous piece about game-makers’ increasing monetization of player behavior research. The kids had previously listened to and talked about the previous report with their teacher, and then proceeded to write letters in reaction to the sudden revelation.

Part of one of these letters can be found above, and, unfortunately, the combined segments end up showing the idea of games as a scary, addictive threat. Of course, the reaction of the kids may be one to take note of for fture titles, as we don’t want to lose our younger gamer generation. 

What are your thoughts on the reaction of these third-graders?

Thanks, NPR (via Kotaku).

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