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access_time November 8, 2013 at 11:46 AM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Gamers just weren’t ready for an online only console

Panello talks about Xbox One policy reversal.

Panello talks about Xbox One policy reversal.

Gamers will recall that the Xbox One was initially going to have an online only type of DRM. The actual specifics around it were muddled, however, as one source would state that you would need to check in every day while another said different times throughout the week. Some also stated that you could sell used games for a fee while others stated that it wouldn’t cost a thing.

Panello hasn’t given up on the idea just yet, however. The console will still allow you to convert physical titles to digital, or at least some. “If you want to convert your physical license to digital, you could rent the game or borrow it, [and] download it to your box without having to download it online. And then we do allow you to convert that to a digital license,” Penello explained. As far as taking a disc you have already bought and converting it to digital, that was nuked with the policy reversal.

Speaking about the logic of reports that state the Xbox One is behind the competition, Panello states, “You can almost attach any of the weirdness between then [May] and launch to that decision, because the truth was we were really committed to it. It was gonna be a lot of work to let people be able to trade, and working with all the publishers to understand how licenses would work and stuff.” He proceeded to directly tie the new console’s lack of external HDD support to the policy reversal, as well as parts of the big day one patch that’ll enable the vast majority of the console’s functionality (the former is coming, just not at launch).

He ended up admitting that nuking the policy was the correct decision, although he stated that he still believed that gaming was heading in a digital only direction. Will we see it on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two?

Thanks, Engadget.


  • Ramon Aranda November 8, 2013 at 5:17 PM

    Not unless internet speeds increase ten fold and we have terabytes of space on these consoles. Not to mention being able to use them on other people’s systems.

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