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access_time November 6, 2013 at 1:50 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Kinect will allow you to quickly utilize codes

Redeeming codes on Xbox One to be extremley fast.

Redeeming codes on Xbox One to be extremley fast.

Many gamers would prefer not to use the Xbox One Kinect at all, however Larry Hryb  has posted something that may turn a few heads, at least.

This post was made on Vine, and shows off just how fast you will be able to redeem codes on the Xbox One thanks to the accessory. The post shown lasts around 5 seconds, and will likely cause a few who despise typing in the codes manually to reconsider the value of the Xbox One’s Kinect.

The question is, will the feature (assuming it ends up working correctly) be enough to make people rethink how useful the Kinect is? What do you think? Were you one of those that would have preferred to purchase the console without the accesssory, and, if so, does this bit of news do anything to change your mind?

Thanks, Kotaku.


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