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Battlefield 4 has a few issues, but they’re being worked on

by on November 4, 2013
Battlefield 4 issues are being worked on.

Battlefield 4 issues are being worked on.

Like most major releases, Battlefield 4 is experiencing some issues. These issues aren’t anything major, like Sim City had experienced, for example, but they are enough to annoy players.

These issues include server crashes, long queues, loss of player-progression, and various other in-game bugs. Some players may be thinking that the studio behind the game isn’t going to do anything about a lot of them, but if so, they’d be wrong, as DICE are doing all that they can to be completely up-front and helpful (in terms of trying to fix the issues and offering advice) about these issues.

What are your thoughts? Should gamers that are annoyed by these issues calm down a bit, as most titles tend to experience similar problems? Or do you think DICE should work even faster on attempting to fix the problems?

Thanks, Kotaku.

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