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access_time November 3, 2013 at 11:22 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Cuba cracks down on arcades

Cuba shuts down arcades.

Cuba shuts down arcades.

Cuba still had several arcades in operation, however, as of Saturday, Cuba officially shut down all arcades and movie theaters  in the country.

The arcades had opened with licenses that were typically only afforded to restaurants and the like, according to CBC (via Kotaku), and some owners of these businesses had even sunk large sums into launching and improving their businesses. These businesses, reports CBC, “range from modest to flashy and offer the latest Hollywood blockbusters and fast-paced video games”.

With the ban taking place immediately, business owners complain that they should have given a window of time in which they could gradually wind down operations, perhaps recovering some of their investments. Parents and children, meanwhile, both complain that there is now nothing at all to do in the country.

Why were they shut down, you may be wondering. It turns out that earlier in the year, Cuba’s official newspaper complained about the arcades, stating that they do nothing but promote “frivolity, mediocrity, pseudo culture, and banality.” With that in mind, Cuba decided the best way to prevent this was to shut down all arcades and theaters.

What are your thoughts on the arcade ban? 


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