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First Impressions Secret of Raetikon

Secret of Raetikon is an interesting and fun game to be sure, The developer of this game, Broken Rules, is no strangers to game development as they have created a similar game Chasing Aurora for the WiiU. Unlike its predecessor Secret of Raetikon is not focus on multiplayer but instead exploring a large vast environment and solving interesting puzzles. Even though the game has a working alpha version turned to indiegogo to gather additional funding to complete development. So the question is simple, is Secret of Raetikon worth supporting with your money?

Well if you don’t want to watch my 30 minute video impression let me sum it up for you. You play a bird-man flying in the sky collecting silver piece through out this world. These silvers pieces not only help you advance further into the game but at lease 25 is needed to collect golden orbs scattered through the game, You need to find 6 of these to release animals that was locked away in cages by an unknown force.

For a game like Raetikon, or any game in general, good controls are a must. While it took me a bit to get use to the keyboard (my main PC controller was not working at the time) I will admit that the controls were smooth and responsive, though I did have to stop because of cramps,The sounds fits well into the environment the developers were going towards and the graphics are very nice. In my opinion any PC and macs (Linux support is coming soon) made in the last 3 or years should be able to play Secret of Raetikon with no problems.

This was an alpha build I’ve played thought, and there bounds to have bugs this early in the game. The one major bug I did notice was with a pillar. In the game you need to make use of a golden wrecking ball (Miley Cyrus not included) to destroy a pillar to advance further for another golden orb. However once you return to this area the pillar returns unharmed and the only way to destroy it is on the other side., leaving me to orb the orb and killing myself to get to the other side. The one good thing about this situation is that the golden orb would still be at the place you dropped it before killing yourself.

Secret of Raetikon is definitely a game worth supporting, and as the time of this writing has almost $8500 out of its asking price of $40,000.I do have to wonder though if indiegogo was a good choice for Broken Rules to use. I could see using this method if the game was still in the early stages but we have a working alpha build of Raetikon already to be play. As a matter of face everyone gets an alpha version of the game if they back the project. I would think that maybe Steam’s early access feature would have been a better way to get the game out while getting the money to finish the game, or sell it directly on there website similar to how Minecraft was being sold. I am interested to see of Broken Rules thought of any other options before they went with indiegogo.

Even with what I said in the last paragraph I say go support Secret of Raetikon. Here is the indiegogo link below:



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