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Review | Valhalla Knights 3


The Valhalla Knights series has always been one that I’ve been interested in but never tried.

vk2The action-RPG series sounded interesting in premise, but I’d always heard that it had plenty of flaws to be good in practice.

After playing Valhalla Knights 3, it seems that description still holds true for the series.

The game follows your customizable main character in jail as you try and find Flockheart’s treasure, an item that can grant any wish. Meanwhile, the emperor and his group are also on the hunt for it, forcing you to speed up your own search.

Unfortunately, the key point in many RPGs, the story, just seems to fall flat here. After an opening cutscene of you getting brought into Carcerson prison, you just feel forced to go from mission to mission, with a side mission here or there. Considering the unique location throughout the game in the jail, it seems like much more could have been utilized and a more gripping story could have been made.

vk3As I mentioned above, you can make your character customized, choosing from one of four races (Elf, Halfling, Human and Dwarf), along with your gender. Whatever you choose will have unique stats depending on race and gender.

You can then choose from six classes at the beginning, including classics like the fighter and mage. Eventually, you’ll have 20 jobs to choose from by earning more through quests or killed enemies.

The hub area, Carceron, has two main locations to go to. The slums let players sell items, buy necessary items for missions and pick up a side quest here or there.

The light district is where top-tier items can be bought, and also where some of the more perverted aspects of the game are brought to light. The game has no problem demeaning women, whether it be making their proportions outrageously large (although still not topping Dragon’s Crown) or having a female in the first five minutes get captured and thrown into an escort service, where she’s immediately content.

vk4In the light district, though, you need to earn escorts to get new items, with escorts being earned through “sexy time.” “Sexy time” is where you poke and prod the scene to grope and kiss women, all the time hearing them giggle out and say seductive things.

Sure, this can all be avoided, but it also makes you miss out on some higher level items. Honestly, though, I feel there could have been many better ways to give items than this.

As you progress through the game, more areas outside of Carceron are unlocked, giving you more quests and things to fight and grind on. My only question, here, is why a prison is just allowed to roam wherever they want.

Grinding is needed to get gear and level up. You’ll need plenty of money as you go through, which means going for monsters again and again and finding any side quests you can.

Unfortunately, you’ll find yourself burning through items thanks to the games difficulty curve. Missions are given a star level, and one-star missions seemed to be a breeze. However, on two-star missions and above, missions spike often and death can happen quickly. Once dead, you can either reload a save or pay to have companions resurrected, which requires you to grind for money, which makes death common. It’s a bad cycle.

vk5Thankfully, combat is at least solid in the game. Combos can be performed with well-timed button presses, and there are plenty of skills to use and boosts in fights. You can also fight with teammates, the number of which increases throughout the game to seven, although the teammate traits are never explained too well. For example, personalities can affect if they heal better or how they fight, among other things.

Another problem the game faces is instructing players what to do. Sure, we don’t it to hold our hand, but the game should still let you know what the heck to do. It never really tells you how to buy some gear or locations to go. Early on, I just wandered around until I got lucky to stumble on the location I was looking for.

One final thing to touch on, there is multiplayer in the game, but I could never find a match for some reason. Whether it’s because of the lack of players or bad net code, I’m not sure.


  • Combat is good.
  • Having plenty of teammates can help with missions.
  • Good amount of quests in game.


  • Sexy time minigame is creepy.
  • Pacing and direction is bad.
  • Game will spike difficulty often.


The 411:

Overall, Valhalla Knights 3 offers some good points, but seems to get clouded in bad gameplay decisions and spikes throughout the game. If you’re in need of an action-RPG to play on the go, this may tide you over for a time, but there are better choices out there.


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