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Top 5 Games to Play on Halloween


As the leaves have begun to fall and football is in full swing, the wonderful holiday of Halloween is upon our doorstep. With this comes one of three options. First, you can spend your own hard earned money to give to spoiled little kids who knock on your door dressed like Miley Cyrus. Second, you can pray you have a hot wife or girlfriend who can dress up like Princess Lea and make you look good at the local Halloween party. Finally, you can take that money you would have spent on those evil little children, accept that you don’t have the woman who can pull of Princess Lea and spend your All Hallow’s Eve playing one of these five games that are guaranteed to make your night killer.


#5 Condemned: Criminal Origins

For those who seek out the more realistic and brutal side of the horror word, 2005’s Condemned: Criminal Origins is your game. The senseless aggression and atmosphere that is created keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, it is the fact that guns are not the focal point of your defense that really takes this game to a different and more frightening level. In almost a realistic approach, your weapons are whatever you can find to use, with the majority being melee weapons. There are guns in the game, however, the ammo is as sparse as the guns themselves. You are only going to have as many shots as are left in the gun when you find it. The kicker is, if you beat someone with a gun, you only get the amount of ammo they had left when they were killed. For this reason, the game requires skill and precision in addition to a steel resolve to sit through the game.


#4 Maniac Mansion:

Oh, the first game to introduce us as a child to brain eating Doctors and kidnapping. While the graphics are not considered scary at all, it is the fact that you and your childhood buddies who are trying to solve the mysteries and puzzles of Dr. Fred’s house do die and are not brought back to life. You must use their talents and skills successfully to defeat the house but if you do not, they will die/ go to jail and you must move on until everyone is dead/in jail or you win. As a child, this is the first time you learn in a game that death is permanent. Could there be anything worse than taking a child’s innocence away? Not when you are 10 years old there isn’t


#3 Left 4 Dead Series:

For many people the Call of Duty zombie massacres are the pinnacle of zombie killing. I have to disagree. The left for dead series does such a great job of really pooling together the concept of teamwork and atmosphere to create the perfect Zombie Apocalypse game. The derelict buildings and destroyed cites, coupled with a variety of different zombies opens the door to the perfect zombie game. I am aware that some people enjoy the lazy zombies in the Walking Dead style but I find myself more afraid of the 28 Days Later psycho running zombie style. As if battling massive hordes of zombies was not bad enough, throw in the Boomer who will cause the horde to attack you, the Smoker who drags you to your death with his tongue, the Hunter who screeches to alert you of his presence before he jumps on your shoulders and tries to rip your head off, the Tank who is a massive zombie who destroys everything in his path and the Witch. There is nothing worse than the Witch. Just wailing and crying while the choir plays in the background. If you want to find out who your friends are, turn the light on her or disturb her in game play. Her reaction especially on hard difficulty makes her one of the single most dangerous zombies in any game EVER.


#2 Fatal Frame Series:

Every time I have ever discussed the scariest games ever made, Fatal Frame topped my list. The pure atmosphere combined with some of the best story-lines ever put to game, made this the single scariest game I ever played. If you are not familiar with the game, you are basically hunting some of the most demented ghosts you cannot see in hopes of killing them with a powerful paranormal camera and film known as the Camera Obscura. The hardest part of this game, other than the fact the ghosts scare the piss out of you, is that you will run out of film if you do not use it properly. There is no more film and zero way to beat the ghost without it. In short, you are screwed. I am telling you this much, if you want to see the Wii U used correctly they need to make a Fatal Frame game where the touchpad is used as the Camera Obscura. That will be the single scariest game of all time. But for now, Fatal Frame falls to number 2 on my list behind….


#1 Slender:

There is nothing I can say about this scarier than your in-laws visiting on Christmas game that I have not already said. If you are not aware of Slender you need to read my review here: http://gotgame.com/2012/07/12/review-slender/

GotGame wishes you a very scary and safe Halloween and wants to know what game will you be playing this Halloween.


  • pcraig379 November 6, 2013 at 12:58 PM

    No love for Silent Hill 2 or Resident Evil 4? Easily the scariest games from those PS2 days.

    • John Curry November 6, 2013 at 4:43 PM

      For me though, the Fatal Frame series encompassed more of the scary I think of. I will, however, say that the Silent Hill Villains were some of the scariest characters ever created.

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