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Support Secrets of Raetikon on indiegogo And Get The Alpha Build of the Game for Free

by on October 25, 2013

Broken Rules, the indie develop[ers behind games such as Chasing Aurora & And Yet It Moves, has recently began an indiegogo campaign for there next game Secrets of Rætikon  In this game players becomes a member of a mysterious tribe of bird people,  humans that can fly in the air, as they explore the Alps in an engaging story about about the epic struggle between nature and civilization. Check out the video above and the indiegogo page for more info

While the rewards are standard for this kind of game Broken Rules has gone even further for this campaign.  Every backer of Secrets of Raetikon will also be getting the alpha build of the game at more extra cost. Just Remember that since it is an alpha build that there there still quirks in this version but the developers assures us that Secrets of Raetikon is still playable in this state.

Expect a preview of this game from me in the next few days. Till then please support this interesting game.

Secrets of Raetikon indiegogo campaing: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/secrets-of-raetikon

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