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access_time October 23, 2013 at 1:47 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Lawless is a mobile tribute to classic light gun games

Lawless is a mobile shooter that takes away movement.

Lawless is a mobile shooter that takes away movement.

Developers have spent years trying to develop sensible touchscreen controls for first and third-person shooters that aren’t just virtual sticks. It seems that Lawless, a tribute to several of the great light gun games of the past, has decided to simply do away with movement altogether.

The game i set in the gun-lovers paradise of a 1990s action film, placing you in the role of a novice criminal. You must make your way up through the underworld ranks by shooting your way through a series of furious gun battles, which is where the game sets itself apart from other mobile shooters. Rather than force you to try and worry about running from place to place on your mobile device, the battle takes place in a fixed area. of cover. When it’s over, you’re given a brand new choice of cover.

Lawless is being overseen by Ben Cousins, former DICE Sweden creative director, and is being developed by EightPixelsSquare, which is a studio that is made up of key members of Eurocom. For those unaware, Eurocom is the developer who created what some see as one of the best rail-shooters ever made, namely Dead Space: Extraction.

Lawless will be free-to-play, but will include the option to purchase and upgrade special weapons utilizing real funds. It is currently in development for iOS, and gamers can pre-register with the game at its official website, which will unlock dual-wielded Glock 17s.

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