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DayZ standalone appears on Steam Database

by on October 23, 2013


Launched last year, DayZ was a mod created for ArmA II: Combined Operations. The mod has a great success and the developer decided it’s time to make it a standalone game.

DayZ Early Access has been seen by The Escapist on the Steam Database.

“Amazing how quickly the internet picks up on things isn’t it,” said DayZ lead and creator Dean Hall. “All I can say is that progress has been very good, we’re a mix of nervous and excited. And as I’d stated on my twitter when I announced my break from social media/updates, we are on the final lap. Part of the final process involves the actual administration of the release, which is actually surprisingly complex and time-consuming.”

Considering all of these, it’s pretty much sure that DayZ will be sold in the near future as a standalone game, even if the developer hasn’t yet confirmed it.

Source: Joystiq

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