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access_time October 21, 2013 at 8:00 AM in Features by Steve Masters

Interview with Wim Coveliers from Crytek (Warface)

Got a chance to chat with Wim Coveliers from Crytek to talk about their new game Warface. The interview follows:

Can you tell us about Warface?

Warface is a free to play first person shooter. You can go in to the game and spend as much or as little money as you want. It’s also high quality. We’re trying to continue the legacy that has been set by the Crytek games that have come before Warface.

What do you like to do when playing Warface?

I generally like to play the game like any other  and not spending any money on the game. However when we are testing builds I end up playing with the weapons that are harder to get in the game. What I usually do is play a medic and acquire this armor that recharges your health a little bit, shoes that make you run faster, gloves that reduce reload time, and a pump action shot gun.

One of the cool things about the medic is that you have a defibrillator and you can use it to kill enemies. The defibrillator has a couple of cool hidden things that you can play around with. Against the heavy gunner you can damage him without having to shoot him in the back. Another thing that I found out is if you get your multiplier up to x5 in co-op mode, then go and zap people you get an enormous amount of points.

What types of soldiers are there?

When you start Warface we give you can play as two classes (there are four in total). The first class is a fairly well rounded class called the rifleman. With this class players are able to play with machine guns and rifles. The rifleman is not especially specific, and so people who have played FPS games before will feel right at home with this class.

The other class that you can play from the get go is the sniper. This class does not have a specific ability because he can shoot from such a long range. In terms of complications, he’s probably the most straight forward class we have in the game.

The next class, that can be obtained by playing more of the game, is the medic. The medic uses shotguns, can heal, and resurrect team members.

The last class is the engineer who has the ability to place mines. He can also restore armor points. In the game we have a mechanic where your health points are split up between armor and health points. The medic will restore health points, while the engineer restores armor points. He also uses a sub-machine gun.

How many players world wide do you have playing?

The last number we announced was 11 million registered users. Earlier this year we broke the record for the most players on one server which was about 145,000.

What’s the most popular thing that people are buying on Warface?

That’s really difficult to say because it changes depending on the territory that you’re in. So something that turns out to be really successful in Russia may not be that successful in China.

Is there single player?

The only single player is during training, everything else is multiplayer or co-op.

What do you want people to know about the launch for Warface?

You can go to gface.com and sign up for an account, and you can use that account to play Warface starting Monday.

What other platforms will Warface be on?

We’ve announced that Warface will be coming to Xbox in the beginning of 2014.

Check out this teaser trailer while you wait till you can play.


  • Steve Masters October 21, 2013 at 4:41 PM

    I’ll be doing more interviews soon here on GotGame! Stay tuned for the next announcement, and you can help ask the questions!

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