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Newest Humble Bundle with Android #7

by on October 16, 2013
Bard's Tale (Android) joins the Humble Bundle.

Bard’s Tale (Android) joins the Humble Bundle.

It’s time for another Humble Bundle deal. This time, it features a group of six games for Android, Mac, Linux and Windows.

For those unaware, the Humble Bundle is widely considered a great deal, as you can pay whatever you want and get several games for the price. If you pay over a certain amount (this week the amount is $6.21), you will even unlock more games to play. Customers can then choose where their money goes.

So what games are they featuring this week? On the official site, they have Worms Reloaded, The Bard’s Tale, Ticket to Ride (USA 1910 DLC), Greed Corp, Incredipede, and Anodyne. It appears that every single game in this bundle will include the soundtracks as well, making it an even better deal.

So, if you have an Android, Mac, Linux or Windows, will you be picking up this bundle?

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