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Ode to Tom Clancy: Best Series Games


Tom Clancy has always had some solid series in the gaming industry. From Splinter Cell to Rainbow Six and more, there have been great titles in the last few generations to play.

With the recent passing of the great writer, I’ll be ranking his top five series. Please note that this won’t be by individual game, but a look at all games in a series as a whole and my personal thoughts on that. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


5. EndWar

Endwar had some interesting ideas that never really took off with a lot of gamers, possibly because of the genre. The real-time strategy nature of the game probably turned a lot of gamers off, but the online ideas is what made this game stick with me.

The game focuses on World War III happening in the world, with players taking a faction. Players then worked together on a large-scale battlefield, trying to take three capitals or 28 battlefields. The battles always had meaning online, and you had to rely on other players on your faction doing well to help with the war. The gameplay was also nicely done, with units being able to be controlled through voice commands and units being fairly balanced between the three factions. A free version is being developed now for PC, so it may be worth a look to PC gamers later


4. H.A.W.X.

When it came to airplane titles on the consoles, Ace Combat was always my game of choice. However, H.A.W.X. was a great change when it released for the 360.

The Enhanced Reality System the game featured was a good way to explain all the assistance and to help make the game more accessible to casual gamers not use to the genre. However, it could always be turned off for a harder experience. The planes flew nicely, and the multiplayer mode was enjoyable to play. However, unlike the Ace Combat series, I think H.A.W.X. only having two entries was a good choice to not burn gamers out.


3. Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon was definitely a series that got better over time to me. The entry that really got me hooked was GRAW, where some squad commands could be used and the tactical maneuvers became necessary. I also enjoyed the cross-com system implemented to control drones on the battlefield to give you an advantage.

While GRAW 2 was also good, Future Soldier was the next title that hooked me. I loved the adaptive camouflage used in the game, which was always enjoyable to take advantage of. The ability to switch views on the fly was also a good idea. Hopefully, games like Future Soldier will continue in the future.


2. Rainbow Six

It killed me to hear that Rainbow Six: Patriots had been delayed until next gen consoles because I’ve been a huge fan of past titles.

While I enjoyed some titles like Rogue Spear and Raven Shield, it’s been the Vegas titles I loved the most. The squad gameplay was enjoyable, and I really liked the setting. However, it was the multiplayer that kept coming back. The co-op mode was fun tto run around with taking out a ton of enemies, and even the competitive multiplayer was solid in both titles. I’m glad it was the free Xbox title last month to allow more gamers to check it out, and to give me a reason to get back into it.


1. Splinter Cell

Of course Splinter Cell would top the list. The stealth game has changed through the years, but I’ve normally liked the changes for the most part, even going into more of the action gameplay compared to stealth in recent titles.

The gameplay started out solid and become more polished over the years, using light, sound and more to make you conscious of your movements and enemies to take them down silently. Outside of the single player, though, the multiplayer may be the reason I kept coming back to the game the most. The co-op mode with a friend was great to think of new strategies and ways to advance, and I thought it made great use of tactics together to progress. However, the Spys vs. Mercs. game that Pandora Tomorrow started that Blacklist recently back is probably one of my favorite multiplayer modes out there. Both sides have a fun variety of gadgets to use while trying to go against each other, and seeing how you can get some takedowns or kills on enemies can leave players talking for matches. A great mode to play with friends to kill a night.

Leave your thoughts on your favorite Tom Clancy games and moments in his games below.


  • Steve Masters October 14, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    I’m probably a minority, but I liked Splinter Cell “Conviction”.

  • Ramon Aranda October 14, 2013 at 10:56 AM

    I’ve been a big fan of the Ghost Recon series probably the most, but I gotta say Splinter Cell: Blacklist is easily one of my favorite titles of any Tom Clancy series.

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