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access_time October 9, 2013 at 11:02 AM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Third XCOM: Enemy Within faction revealed

Exalt aims to usher in a new era of evolution.

Exalt aims to usher in a new era of evolution.

Today, we’ve learned what the third faction that will be introduced in the upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within will be.

This faction will be called “Exalt” and will be a renegade human organization whose only goal is the genetic perfection of the human race. As a result of this goal, perhaps, they view themselves as the rightful rulers of Earth who are meant to usher the species into a brand new era of evolution.

The organization strikes from the shadows, enacting nefarious and secretive plots to disrupt XCOM operations and thus weaken XCOM’s presence worldwide. They do not care how many human lives are lost in the process, as long as they can achieve their ultimate goal.,

Will you be able to stop the organization known as Exalt? Or will they have their way?

Thanks, Joystiq.


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