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access_time October 9, 2013 at 12:18 PM in News by Dragos Dobre

MOBA aspect taken out of Dungeon Defenders 2


When Trendy Entertainment announced for the first time Dungeon Defenders II, they said that the game will have a tower-defense foundation, alongside a competitive MOBA-style mode.

After their announcement, a lot of core fans of the series started complaining about the new mode included in the game. As a result, the MOBA-style mode will be removed from the game.

“We had strayed from making the kind of game fans wanted and the kind of game we wanted to develop,” said marketing director Philip Asher. “So, we’ve nixed the MOBA-style of gameplay and other ‘extra’ features we were talking about and instead are making the sequel we all want to play.

“First we’re going through the core gameplay experience; injecting more meaningful decisions and moments into the minute to minute gameplay that you’ll want to share with your friends. Then, in late October we’re going to kick off our first major community initiative to get fans involved in the development of the game, and start working with them to make the roleplaying and item systems as satisfying as possible.”

Will this affect the game in a good or bad way? We can’t really know. But we know for sure that is nice of Trendy Entertainment to take in consideration what the fans have to say.

Source: Destructoid


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