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access_time October 8, 2013 at 11:33 AM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Square Enix enters the crowdfunded gaming arena

Square allows games to utilize Eidos properties for crowdfunding projects.

Square allows games to utilize Eidos properties for crowdfunding projects.

Square has launched a brand new website today that details their newest program, called Collective.

The program allows gamers (and anybody else) who believe they have a great idea for a game to pitch it to Square. If the community backs your idea, Square intends to work with you on a due diligence process in order to reassure the community that you do indeed have the expertise and tools you will need in order to create the game you intend. In addition, Square will help you figure out exactly how much you need to raise in order to make your project a reality.

Regular games will have the chance to weigh in on the pitches, according to the website. It states, “When a pitch goes live, you’ll have 28 days to decide if you think it’ll make a good game, and get involved in the feedback process. Then, if that idea receives enough support, we’ll check it out – and if the team is good to go, we’ll open it up for crowdfunding via our partnership with Indiegogo– which is your chance to get in early and help to get the game you want to play into development.”

Once a pitch is approved, the crowdfunding portion begins. This seperates projects that go through Square’s program from the traditional Kickstarters and other projects, as there will have been at least some vetting of the project (by Square and gamers alike) in advance.

If the game reaches the crowd-funding goal, then Square will distribute the game via digital means. The company has also stated that the majority of the profit will go to the developers, although the exact split has yet to be specified.

Finally, it has been revealed that you will be able to utilize some of Square’s intellectual property from the Eidos brand, although a representative didn’t detail what Eidos properties they would be. For those reading this bit and thinking that any project must use said properties, don’t worry, you can submit your own, original ideas that completely lack any Eidos items.

More details on the program will be available at GDC Next.

What are your thoughts, based on what we know so far?

Source: Kotaku


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