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XCOM franchise on sale through Steam

by on October 4, 2013
XCOM series currently on sale.

XCOM series currently on sale.

Gamers may be pleased to learn that the popular XCOM franchise is currently on sale through Steam until October 7. This provides the perfect opportunity for gamers that have been wanting to grab the series, but were waiting for a price drop to add the games to their collections. That’s not the only news, however.

In addition to the sale, we’ve also been informed taht XCOM: Enemy Unknown is  free. For a limited time, that is. Up until this Sunday, you’ll be able to play through the game without buying it. Valve does want to make it clear to players, however, that if you start the free game, you will need to purchase it (currently for $10) before the weekend is up in order to retain your progress.

Will you be grabbing a game in the franchise, playing the free-to-play bit, or both? Or will you be completely passing up this chance?

Source: Joystiq

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