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Charizard X Mega Evolution revealed

by on October 2, 2013
What Mega Charizard X will look like.

What Mega Charizard X will look like.

Fans that have been following the Pokemon X and Y news were already aware that we were getting one vesion of Mega Charizard, but we’ve learned today that we’re actually getting two.

The second Charizard mega evolution completely changes the dragon’s iconic colors. Instead of being red as it was oiginally (and in the first mega evolution we were shown), Mega Charizard X is black with a blue belly. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “changes completely”, as his wings (or at least the side of the wings facing us in the above picture) are the same color as they were originally.

What are your thoughts on this blue Charizard? Will fans be able to get used to him, or will they reject such a creature, stating that the dragon should have remained the same color no matter what?

Thanks, Kotaku.


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