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Microsoft teams up with BesTV to get around China’s console ban

by on September 24, 2013
Microsoft and BesTV to bypass console ban.

Microsoft and BesTV to bypass console ban.

For those unaware, in China, video game consoles are banned. Though recently there has been chat that the ban will be lifted, Microsoft has planned to team up with BesTV to get around it in case the chat turns out to be just rumors.

Earlier this week, they announced (via WSJ.com) that they would  be partnering with BesTV in order to create “family games and related services”, or, more specifically, working on a “next generation family gaming product and service”.

BesTV in China is one of their internet TV providers that utilizes a set-top box for streaming and on-demand service. It runs Android 4.0, and because it utilizes an IPTV system, it will allow Microsoft to stream games directly into people’s living rooms without needing a game console.

 What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s work-around in China?

Source: Kotaku.

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