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access_time September 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Man blames GTA V for his crimes

20 year old steals car and blames game.

20 year old steals car and blames game.

Another month, another crime blamed on video games. Although this one is a bit different.

Different how, you ask? It’s different because usually, it’s not the criminal blaming their crime on a game (or at least not at first). It’s usually a third party, such as a reporter or a politician. Not so in this case.

A 20-year-old man named Burgess decided to jump into a car in a parking space early Saturday morning and drive off. This may be bad enough, but it gets worse, as there was still a female passenger on board.

The man smashed “into several other cars” before the lady managed to escape, according to police. They go on to state that he was caught when several witnesses grabbed him and held him down until the police arrived on the scene.

Why would he do this? He states, “I just wanted to see what it’d be like to play Grand Theft Auto in real life.”

 Well, Burgess is getting his wish, and it will result in the same way it does in-game upon being caught.

What are your thoughts on his excuse?

Thanks, Kotaku.


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