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access_time September 20, 2013 at 9:31 PM in Microsoft by Charlie Grammer

The Evil Within extended gameplay trailer ignites hope for a horrifying experience

The Evil Within gets an extended trailer.

The Evil Within gets an extended trailer.

Ramon had earlier reported on a new The Evil Within trailer released for TGS. Today, an extended 15 minute gameplay trailer was shown.

The demo showed a detective arriving at a large mental asylum. A lighting tech demo showed off the outer design of the asylum, then the detective entered the lobby, only to find several bodies of orderlies stewn about.  He made his way ot the security room, where he witnessed another group of orderlies murdered by a hooded figure, who seemed to possess the ability to teleport. Suddenly, a loud noise sounded behind him, and the screen went out.

 We rejoined the detective as he wandered around the asylum, completely alone and unarmed. He soon came across a masked, chainsaw-wielding maniac who chased him. The detective ran down the hallway and through a door, but was clipped by the chainsaw as he leapt through.

Injured, he managed to limp his way through another doorway, which he slammed shut, then proceeded to hide out in a nearby locker. The maniac soon busted down the door and continued in the direction he presumably thought the detective went. The rest of the trailer showed off another scene of the detective trying to avoid the maniac, as well as several creepy scenes.

Thanks, Kotaku.


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