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Hyperkin Announces A December Release For The Retron5

retron 5


It’s official, the highly anticipated retro gaming console, the Retron5, will be release this holiday on December 10 2013 for $99.99 according to Hyperkin’s official blog. Originally rumored to be released on Oct 31 based on an Amazon listing, Hyperkin stated that the system was delayed so the company could make some much needed modifications to the Retron5 which includes a better ventilation system.

The Retron5 is capable of playing retro games from 5 classic gaming systems like the Nes, Snes, Genisis, and the entire Gameboy lineup from the original to the GBA. The system is alos region free so you game play games from all across the world, there’s even a dedicated cartridge slot for the Famicom (Japan’s version of the Nes). And finally the Retron5 can upscale these games up to 720p with high quality filters, an ability that only emulators had untill now.

Well until Dec 10 comes around enjoys these youtube videos on how your favorite retro games will look on the Retron 5.

Street of Rage 2:

Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers:

NBA Jam Snes:

Super Mario Bros. 3 Pal version:

And Lastly my Retron5 interview from E3 2013:



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