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access_time September 18, 2013 at 12:15 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Atlus will become a part of Sega

Atlus will become part of the Sega brand.

Atlus will become part of the Sega brand.

Many of you may have been aware that Index Holdings, Atlus’s parent company, was on the auction block for a while. Several companies were interested, including Nintendo, but in the end, Sega won the auction for 14 billion yen and will acquire Index and their child companies.

This news has… disheartened quite a few Atlus fans, actually. For while Sega Sammy is somewhat known for allowing developers to do their own thing, they’re also known for not localizing niche games. And let’s be honest, the sheer majority, if not all of, Atlus’s games fall into that category.

That said, some are holding out hope that Sega will start localizing these niche games, and possibly even move their own localization department into Atlus USA with the latter, being much better at the process, taking control over all of their localization decisions and projects.

What are your thoughts on the buyout? Will Sega ruin the company (in the West) by not localizing many of Atlus’s great, if niche games? Or will they let Atlus USA take control over the localization process and decide what should be localized?

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