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Rune Factory 4 arrives on October 1

by on September 13, 2013
Rune Factory 4 boxart.

Rune Factory 4 boxart.

You read that correctly. The fourth game in (publisher) XSEED’s popular Rune Factory series has been officially slated to arrive in stores (and the Nintendo eShop) on October 1, 2013.

This news is sure to make fans of the series quite happy. The reason we haven’t been given a date before now is simple: The publisher wanted to be completely sure that everything in the game was running smoothly before they gave any sort of date.

For those wondering if this will be any good, it may be noted that, according to Joystiq, the game sold 150,000 copies within a few weeks of release in Japan. This made the game the series’ best selling title, and the developer of the game, Neverland, reportedly hopes “to build on that when the farming-adventuring hybrid comes to North America and Europe”.

Are you excited for the fourth game? Or will you spend your money on other things come October 1?

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