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Nintendo helps indie developer bring a game to Wii U

by on September 12, 2013
Tengami gets a Wii U version.

Tengami gets a Wii U version.

Though in the past, Nintendo wasn’t the kindest company towards independent developers, they have been making strides in order to redeem their newest console.

The latest stride that the company made was to help a touchscreen book game by the name of Tengami make it to the Wii U. The game looks an awful lot like a pop-up book, and is the work of Nyamyam, who, for those unaware, is the studio that was formed by a group of former Rare employees.

The title wasn’t initially slated for the Wii U, however. It was originally going to simply be a mobile game, but that changed as Nintendo helped the company out.

Will the game lure in as many fans as Rare’s previous works did?

Source: Kotaku

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