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John Teti is saddened by Mighty No. 9 campaign

by on September 12, 2013
Beck... does he truly keep Mega Man alive?

Beck… does he truly keep Mega Man alive?

In an article for the Gamelogical Society, John Teti expressed his disappointment in Inafune and the team behind Mighty No. 9.

For those unaware, Mighty No. 9 is an upcoming project by Inafune, who was the most prominent guiding force behind the Mega Man series. His Kickstarter campaign has been successful, and the game itself resembles Mega Man in almost every way, from Beck’s looks to the game’s very structure.

 This, however, isn’t what upset Mr. Teti. He assures readers that if the game lives up to the promise, it would likely be a “fantastic modernization of the classic Mega Man formula.” So what’s his issue?

The issue is the campaign itself. Though Capcom has ignored the blue bomber for years now, Inafune’s notion that Mighty No. 9 keeps the character alive upsets teh writer. Said Teti, “No, it doesn’t, and if we want to believe that game characters are anything more than colorful renderings of computer code, we have to admit that Mighty No. 9 is a separate beast.”

What are your thoughts on the campaign? Do you have an issue with the implication that Beck will keep the blue bomber alive?

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