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access_time September 12, 2013 at 6:31 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Indie devs are upset with Ouya’s “Free the games” fund stance

Ouya's fund stance upsets indie developers.

Ouya’s fund stance upsets indie developers.

As Dragos had reported yesterday, Ouya’s “Free the games” fund is still going strong. The news regarding this isn’t all good, however.

The fact is, despite the Ouya team’s initiative, at least one independent developer has removed their game from the console completely. The issue started with a football game called Gridiron Thunder, which was seeking $75,000 in funds through Kickstarter and had performed well, having an average contribution (at one point) of $626.

This caused developers to wonder if Ouya is properly curating the fund or if they would finance any game, despite the quality of said game. The fears are understandable in the community, as many may simply see this as a way to make a quick buck and ask for much more than they would otherwise simply to obtain double funding.

The team’s response, which failed to answer the question, has angered a few independent developers. Houlden, who removed her upcoming game from the Ouya marketplace, stated that the reason she did so wasn’t because of the two titles spoken of above, but rather, “”It’s their inability to admit that they have f***ed up. S**t is blowing up on all sides, every single piece of PR that is put out damages OUYA’s reputation more, and the plastic-marketing-smile never seems to come off. They never get serious to deal with stuff. They never change course when things are going down the toilet.”

Mike Bithell, developer of the hit Indie game Thomas Was Alone stated (in regard to Uhrman’s blog post in which she avoided the question), “This post makes me sad, for a lot of reasons to be honest, but mainly for the wording. This isn’t an acceptance of criticism, or an explanation of how clearly dodgy as hell schemes are being supported by you publicly (in PR at least, I really hope you weasel out before giving the Gridiron Thunder guys a penny).”

What are your thoughts on Ouya’s fund? Should they start filtering out ideas so that those simply in for a quick buck cannot scam money?

Thanks, IGN.


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