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access_time September 12, 2013 at 7:00 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

GTA V gets a Lifeinvader page

Jack's Lifeinvader page.

Jack’s Lifeinvader page.

That’s right, the protaganist of the upcoming game by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V has gotten its own Lifeinvader page.

This page shows off Jack Howitzer as he makes random comments. These comments include, “Seriously. I’m still funny. And I can still break people’s necks.” This comment followed a set of two others.

3 days ago, he stated, “That girl looks really hot running down that street on fire,” to which he followed up by stating, “That was a joke.” The above comment followed these two, as Jack tries desperately to get people to agree that he makes quite the (homicidal) comedian.

The original status updates/comments from Jack were, “Ok fans I set up Lifeinvader page with rufus he says I need to become popular. Rufus where do I find the videos of girls you talked about?” and “I have a virus,” with the latter likely being caused by hunting down the former.

What are your thoughts on Jack’s page?



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