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access_time September 11, 2013 at 5:29 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Rumor: Mewtwo has multiple Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X and Y

Mewtwo will reportedly have multiple Mega Evolutions.

Mewtwo will reportedly have multiple Mega Evolutions.

That’s right, folks, Mewtwo will indeed have more than one Mega Evolution in the upcoming Pokemon games. At least according to recent scans of a Japanese magazine.

These scans appear to claim that the Mewtwo we’ve seen in action so far is actually the Mega Evolution for him in Pokemon Y. He will, according to the popular rumor, have a completely different Mega Evolution in Pokemon X.

Some may be reading this and thinking that there’s no way the company would implement this. To those people, I say recall every other Pokemon game. There are always game-specific exclusive Pokemon (in order to encourage players to trade with each other), so with that in mind, are these rumors really that unbelievable?

What do you think? Will Mewtwo indeed have multiple Mega Evolutions? Or will he simply take the form we’ve seen so far?

Thanks, Kotaku.


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