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Jurassic World footage ends up having nothing to do with the upcoming movie

by on September 11, 2013
Jurassic World footage not for movie.

Jurassic World footage not for movie.

Several of you may have seen the below trailer, which was captured by a YouTube user during the Star Wars celebration in Europe a couple of months ago. If you are like many others, you likely thought that this was footage for the upcoming (recently renamed) Jurassic Park IV, or Jurassic World. If so, you would be wrong.

The below footage has been confirmed to have nothing to do with the upcoming film, despite the rumors to the contrary. It is actually a pitch for a brand new Jurassic Park game, which, perhaps unfortunately, never happened.

Based on this trailer, just how do you believe the game, if made, would have turned out? Would it be a fun romp in a dinosaur infested world? Or would it suffer from issues rendering it unplayable?

Thanks, Bleeding Cool (via Kotaku).

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