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access_time September 9, 2013 at 9:09 AM in Mobile by Adam Larck

5 Things we Want out of the iPhone 5S


On Sept. 10, Apple looks to be prepared to announce the next model of the iPhone. Whether it will be 5S or 5C or some other letter, the next iPhone is on the way it seems.

Today, I take a look at some of the features I’d like to see finally come to the next version of Apple’s phone.

5. Better processor 

This one may be a given. Rumor has it for a while that the next phone will feature a new Apple A7 processor, which will be almost a third faster than the A6 chip.

This extra processing power means that the phone would be even better with multitasking, and should allow for even more amazing games on the device moving forward. We’ve already seen great titles like Infinity Blade release and games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown get ported, but imagine what other games could be released for the phone.


The extra processing power may even help increase the phone life. Something else that can help increase the battery life is a …

4. Bigger battery

A larger battery in the phone would be great for gaming on the go or to use the phone for extended periods without charge. Currently, my iPhone needs charged about once a day with as much as I use it for work, sometimes more.

Combining the process listed above with the battery could allow for a lot more use and work, with only a fraction of the battery life used compared to what is currently used. I’m also interested to see if this happens for gaming. I like playing XCOM and Plants vs. Zombies 2 on my phone currently, but my battery gets destroyed by extended use. A bigger battery could really help with this and more.

3. New colors 

Perhaps the most wanted feature for the next phone. New colors to choose from besides just black and white seems like a trivial cosmetic change, but could be amazing to get people that jumped to Android or Windows back on the iOS ship.

Even if it’s a new gold phone, that’s still one new color that wasn’t available before. Honestly, I think there needs to be a lot more than just gold. Introduce a color spectrum that let users choose from a broad variety. This will give users plenty of choices of getting a phone they want, and increase the amount of iOS users at the same time.

2. Fingerprint tracking 

I know the iPhone already has a password protection feature, but considering the technology is there, why not take phone protection a bit farther?

There’s no reason why the next iPhone couldn’t support fingerprint ID to unlock a phone, providing another level of security if a phone would get misplaced. In addition, a fingerprint system could make using the Passbook feature more secure, and could even lead to faster digital payments by tying credit card info or other personal info into a fingerprint.

It could also have some interesting effects on gaming as well. Games could save data from phone to phone that could be pulled up with a touch of a finger, giving a new level to the cloud saving already available.


1. New, cheaper model

Considering Android and Windows phones can already be picked up cheaper, I could see a cheaper version of the iPhone coming for just a general user.

My thoughts are that there will be two different types of phones: a 5S and 5C. The 5S may have all the features I mentioned above and more. However, the 5C may be a base model that is stripped down, minus the newer processor.

This stripped down device could come in a lot cheaper for users, possibly only $100 after agreeing to a contract. If done, even with Apples current strategy of the phone two iterations ago being free and the past iteration costing $50, people could choose to get a better model for only an extra $50, while those that want all the bells and whistles can pay the normal price.

How would they make this cheaper model? Well, it could feature a plastic case instead of the metal, and parts could be a bit cheaper inside. With the possible different colors listed above, though, this could be a great entry model for the younger generation that wants iOS devices without breaking the bank.

That’s some of what I think we’ll see at Tuesday’s event. What do you think? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


  • Ramon Aranda September 9, 2013 at 8:30 AM

    The fingerprint scanner thing sounds cool, as does the rumored champagne colored iPhone. I think iOS7 will freshen things up but I still need to see something of value for me to go back to iOS.

    • Robert Gittings September 10, 2013 at 12:26 PM

      Looks like they’ve failed again the iPhone 5C is in no way cheap especially for people in the UK.

      1. New, cheaper model – FAILED!

  • Luke September 11, 2013 at 7:05 AM

    It’s not even cheap. Apple used to bash alot about Samsung for using plastic. Now they are using plastic. They just made it thick so that people wouldn’t realize it.
    I’m disappointed with the iphone 5c. And it looks like it’s a phone for kids!

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