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access_time September 6, 2013 at 8:04 AM in Culture by Ryan Bates

Terror Is Reality – 14 Games That Would Make Awesome Halloween Attractions


It’s now September, and you know what that means…

Time for back-to-school shopping? Heck no! That started around June. Time to start picking up Christmas decorations? No! Christmas is in Decem– well actually, that’s probably right considering retail marketing. But what I was alluding to was Halloween.

The happy haunting holiday which has long held a perception of a child’s costumed romp through their neighborhood on the hunt for candy and goodies has, in recent times, grown up.


Now it’s the adults often seen on a costumed romp through their neighborhood on the hunt for candy and goodies. Except by “costumed” what we really mean is “scantily clad.” And by “neighborhood” we mean “club,” “bar,” or “house party.” And “candy and goodies” really means “booze and sex.”

Trick or treat indeed.

Where was THIS magic mushroom in SMB2?

Where was THIS magic mushroom in SMB2?

Rising in popularity also around Halloween are high-tech, special effect-laden haunted attractions, mazes and houses transporting willing victims to the very heart of terror. Movies have long been fodder for these attractions, putting paying guests into the very hands of Freddy Krueger, Jigsaw, and hordes of Walkers.


Escape From Raccoon City


This year, however, Universal Studios Orlando is casting its victims right in the heart of Resident Evil with their latest tribute to terror, “Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City.” Lickers, Cerebus, and even Nemesis himself are part of the horrors the Umbrella Corporation has brought forth, terrifying theme park-goers in this haunted maze. “Escape from Raccoon City” was developed in part with the Resident Evil team from Capcom as part of USO’s 23rd annual “Halloween Horror Nights.” Orlando takes a cue from Hollywood itself, as last year Universal Studios Hollywood thrust the damned in the middle of the fog and snow in “Welcome to Silent Hill.” Based on the hit series of Konami titles, the fearful had to make their way through the eerie town, avoiding Nurses, members of the Order, and the infamous Pyramid Head to survive.


[jwplayer config=”16_9 NoAutoPlay” mediaid=”93727″]


With the ultimate chill now a growing part of the adult Halloween experience, we at GotGame looked to our collection to see what else could become the next fright of the night. From silly spooks to scares that will make you need to change your undies, from reactive to interactive and everything in between, this Top X List is one to simply die for. Because this time, x = 14, as in “14 Games That Would Make Awesome Halloween Attractions.”

(I was going to do 13, but come on, really? You think I would do unlucky 13 in a Halloween article? Mama didn’t raise no fool.)

The only rule used for this Top X List was that the game couldn’t have been used before in a major setting. This really only excludes the aforementioned Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises, as well as Kingdom Hearts. Sorry, Disney fans, but Halloweentown can’t be used since Disney already installs “Haunted Mansion Holiday” in select parks. Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, Halloween attractions come in all types and intensities, and this article dreams up attractions from silly spooksters to self-urination scare tactics. So, are you ready to get the pants scared off of ya?

There’s no turning back now…


  • Ryan Bates September 6, 2013 at 11:28 AM

    I had to cut a LOT of great horror titles from this list. What would you guys and gals include on it?

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