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access_time August 29, 2013 at 7:00 AM in Nintendo by Andrew Kent

Nintendo 2DS screens are actually one screen


Nintendo just announced their latest handheld and it’s been getting a lot of attention from the internet. The device, if you didn’t already know, plays both DS and 3DS games but in 2D. It’s a sort of wedge shaped device that will still take 3D pictures that can be viewed on the 3DS. One thing that’s been left unanswered though is “Why doesn’t it fold?”. The answer is simple; it would be physically impossible for the device to do that even if it had hinges.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “Duh! It’s physically impossible for it to fold, you can’t fold something like that!”. Oh ho ho, well yes you would be correct. However, the real reason that it wasn’t designed to fold in the first place was because there aren’t two screens. No, you’re not being secretly tortured by the Cardassians, there’s only one screen. According to Destructoid, both the top and bottom screen are one big touch screen. That however doesn’t mean that any games in the future will use the top screen though.


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