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Mobile MMO Arcane Legends dives into a Realm of Shadows.

by on August 29, 2013


The free-to-play, mobile-based MMO Arcane Legends dives into uncharted territory today as it releases its new expansion, Realm of Shadows. Players will venture to the sorcerers’ homeland of Shuyal, meeting new enemies and questing to save it from the forces threatening to overrun it.

Players who have already maxed out their characters will be happy to know that the level cap will be raised from 31 to 36, allowing characters to gain new powers and strength while plowing through the new quests. There’s also plenty of new loot to gather, including the Sorcerer’s Arcane Weapon.

Arcane Legends is available for iOS, Android, and Google Chrome. Those who want to fight the monsters of the Realm of Shadows can download Arcane Legends from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or the Chrome Web Store.

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