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access_time August 29, 2013 at 6:00 AM in News by Josh Boykin

Defend your honor Match-3 style in Puzzle Knights


Want to take down your friends, but you’re not quite the best at action games? Or maybe you’re just an addict for Match-3 puzzlers? Mojaro, a publisher with talent that’s worked on games like Uncharted and Medal of Honor, is working on Puzzle Knights to address both of those itches.

Puzzle Knights allows you to create a knight and battle other knights in the arena for money and experience. You can use those resources to make your knight even stronger for the next battle, but you’ll still need to stretch those item-matching muscles if you want to survive in battles. Matching gems in the match-3 puzzles (similar to games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga) will power up your knight and prepare it to vanquish the opposition.

Puzzle Knights runs on an asynchronous battle system, meaning that players battle each other without directly controlling the battles. Players create a specific battle strategy of attacks, blocks, and skills, and those plans are automatically executed when battling opponents. This lets players challenge their Facebook friends at all hours of the night (or day) and create those blessed inter-office rivalries without cutting in on work time!

A gameplay trailer for Puzzle Knights is currently up on YouTube, and you can check out the game when it releases early next month on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Keep an eye out on GotGame for more information and a review once Puzzle Knights releases.


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